Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For Sale Bred Yearling ewes

I have been fortunate to have reserved 7 Shetland adult ewes to be picked up this summer
I decided to sell the five yearling ewes shown unshorn in yesterday's Blog posting

I have 5 yearlings ewes for sale. 2 are Corriedale crosses Charm and Cher are due in 2-3 weeks,
3 are Blue faced Leicester/shetland crosses - 2 are white Opal, Diamond and Lavender the a gorgeous black. They are due in May. All are bred to Border Leicester cross ram-nice lambs coming.
All beautiful ewes, great size, healthy and mild temperament.
They have been fed well and are in good condition--not fat just right.
they were SHORN 2/13/10 their wool has grown back
and they are in and out of the barn, they eat their hay in an outside bunk.
They ready to go to work for you.
Interested email me at pfletcher@gctel.net and we'll talk

Here's pictures of them shorn taken 2/28/10
outside picture (not for sale are the ewe on the left that's my Maybeline nor Shadow the dark ewe in the back)
Inside pic shows the 5 yearlings in a row

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