Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A sure sign of Spring

I have been saving the sky blue eggs I am getting from my Ameraucana/Easter Egg hens...Some of the hens laid all winter, others are slow to start up So the eggs are from my best winter layers-------trying to breed hens that lay all winter without a 1-2 month break in our coldest weather...I was waiting for one of my hens to go broody..that's not happening so I emailed a friend. She said she had been wanting to fire up her incubator but didn't have enough eggs to justified started it. But with mine she could hatch a batch, So I have 26 eggs incubating. They will hatch in 3 weeks.......the rooster is my beautiful blue red Flash......I am hoping for a few blue colored pullets to add to my layer flock by fall. Flash hatched from a blue egg and I am hatching only blue eggs so the pullets should lay blue eggs.

My Easter Egg pullet chicks (the roosters found a new home) are 7 weeks old and all 10 are colored like a Golden Campine hen, they will have a heavier built but will have "pheasant markings" and be colored like this Campine hen A great color.

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