Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shorn Flock

Its been two weeks since my ewes were sheared. I am always amazed how the ewes
"shrink" after their fleece is clipped. My girls have spent the last two weeks in the barn.
I thought oh what have I done! They were cold and pink. I sheared early as they were purchased bred and I wanted to see their udder development and body condition.
I was waiting for a nice sunny day to let them outside.

Today was the day! A beautiful sunny Minnesota Spring day. Hey I can hope the winter is over.
The ewes spent all day out in the sun coming in only briefly for their grain.

The maternity pens are ready and my ewes are being carefully watched. Lambing is one of the best times of the I am impatiently waiting... I have two older Shetland ewes and 5 Shetland cross ewe lambs just coming a year old. Shadow a 2yr old Shetland/Romanov and yearlings Charm and Cher are definitely due soon. They are making udders and are large in the back end. Shadow is carrying quite a load, triplets? The other four were bred later so they are due April/May. I will just have to wait and see.

I started counting the days till April 1st back in November...started at 146 days. Winter is not my favorite season. Minnesota born and bred. My German ancestors came to Minnesota because it reminded them of home. I think "Hey you left home, couldn't you have tried a Southern region?" So tomorrow is March 1st, 31 days till the first of April. Now for a bit of a reality check........winter 2008-2009 we had 3 snow storms in April. We had the driveway plowed and it needed oh it will melt on April 1, 14 and 28.
An old friend told me that the deer were in rut before deer hunting season began, so fawns the end of March and fawns are never dropped in the snow. So I am looking forward to a snow less we use to have when we were kids.

I see Gail is back. She has been busy, due in part to answering all my emails! Nice pictures Gail.

Till later,


Gail V said...

Hi Jerry,
you made me laugh! I have been gone, playing Farmville on Facebook!
Great data on the deer and springtime-- I have never heard from a deer hunter or naturalist about this. Sounds great to me!
I'll enjoy watching your lambs come (in photos) weeks before mine do!

Garrett808 said...

Gail is an awesome kick ass lady! She is a joy to be around and a great promoter of Shetlands!