Saturday, March 13, 2010

Odds and Ends

Our snow is almost gone! In November I started counting the days till April 1st. Well by March 4th Spring started. I know the rain melts the snow faster than sun, but this last week has had a lot of gloomy days I like to see the sun. The rain and rapid melting caused part of my dirt barn floor to flood. I will add more gravel to the floor next summer.

I sold Opal and Lavender to a 4-H family from Chokio MN They went to an excellent home older 4-Her and a active mom to oversee their care.

I have Charm and Diamond to sell

Cher is staying here. She has a tan face and legs, is mostly Shetland and very tame. She is a buddy to Maybeline and Shadow all 3 vie for my attention.

So I am at an idle....... to get Garrett's 6 ewes home--mid July. Perhaps it will teach me patience.......(but I doubt it- you know- teaching old dogs new tricks)

Till later


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Anonymous said...

Breathe deeply and close your eyes--now concentrate on blue eggs hatching one by one----peep, peep, peep--awwwww-isn't that all better!