Monday, March 8, 2010

Tomorrow last fleece of the season will be shipped out

This is my first year of selling raw unwashed fleece to hand spinners. I put an ad on Homestead Barter Board and my fleeces sold fast. The fleeces were heavy skirted before going into liquor boxes....don't drink but the boxes are just the right size. Marked each box with the ewe's name. If you have been following my Blog, I am going with an all pure Shetland flock (a grade flock- registered stock purchased w/o papers). However one ewe named Cher had a sliver Shetland dam and a Corriedale/ Shetland sire. Cher is very tame,,,I like that, she is marked with dark tan lines on her face and her legs are dark tan with white socks. We thought makeup like the singer we named her Cher. Did I mention she was very tame ?

I hand pick out all the VM from my fleeces. Hey I am trying hard to build a fleece clientele. I got Cher's ready to ship tomorrow. Its very soft, very clean, good staple length at 4 1/2 " and feels good to the hand.
But my plan is to go all Shetland and keep the flock few in numbers. So the 5 yearlings will be for sale Cher, her sister Charm and the three BLF/Shetlands Diamond,Lavender and Opal, .
They are pictured below in the order I listed them above. They are available now as bred or later after their lambs are weaned.

Till later

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