Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Its Cold!

I know here is no wind, but its cold out. We have about an inch of snow, you can see the grass yet. A few drifts by the barn,,that's it. I know that friends further south got a lot more snow so I shouldn't complain. You other sheep keepers will probably shake your heads but when it gets this cold my 8 ewes are locked in the barn. They help keep the barn above freezing....valuable for that feature alone- the rest is a bonus--how much is a therapist these days? Everyone stays warmer--does stay milking, chicken water pans remain unfrozen...and the barn is dry..I must have the ventilation right.  I got 11 eggs today out of 15 hens-- of which 3 hens-- an older one is molting and 2 pullets never really started laying, ready for someone's stew pot. The sheep and goats have a heated water tub...I dip out water so the chickens get warm water in the a light comes on at 2 AM to lengthen their day.....when I pick eggs at 8:30...they are pretty much done laying for the day and I get the eggs before they have a chance to freeze...
Two days ago, the 14 baby chicks in the tub. I came to feed and water them--what 6 chicks in the tub?....I looked 8 had flown out! They are only 2 weeks old today!  I decided well in with the older/bigger chicks you go...counted as I put them in ...12.........found two dead and frozen  they must have jumped out during the 14 is now 12. They are getting along fine with the others.  I have 21 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, 12 Ameraucanas and 4 black pullet chicks----what's that... 37 about 16-20 pullets  that's plenty! And in Spring I will hatch out a few more batches--
Stay warm, dry and safe

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