Sunday, December 26, 2010

Less is More?

I am giving some hens and a rooster to a dear friend. I have too many. I don't know how that happened.....ah I do but let's not get into numbers and purchases.  Reducing number AND taking down a chicken pen A small step in the right direction. By Spring all the Ameraucanas, Old English and Silkies will be sold. I am keeping my Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. They are quiet, beautiful and full of color.Their abundant plumage and tight rose combs help them conserve heat, making them  impervious to the cold. Mind you my chickens are in an insulated walk in pen in the barn where the sheep and goats keep it warm. They are producing large brown eggs in good quantity.
Here is Beach Boy my California Blue BLRW  At 7 months old he is maturing nicely.   Look at his deep broad body, abundant tail and great blue red laced color!
 My 5 adult Splash hens Plump, deep bodies, nice shorter leg and broad builds


 The real excitement is the Twenty 10 and 12 week old BLRW chicks. Mate Blue laced and Splash laced together and you get Blues and Splashes. There is 9 Splash and 11 Blues. The youngsters being 2 weeks apart in age and having rose combs, I am still not positive who is a roo and who is a pullet! But I am watching them and guessing.

Here is a blue laced chick  The blue will  lighten and become more evident as it matures. One of the bigger ones, it has a smaller comb..a pullet?
Hoping a few are Blue pullets  Here is my inspiration and ideal..."Beauty"..not my hen, isn't she gorgeous

Till later


Michelle said...

It's always interesting to read about your shifting goals, Jerry. I think you kept the best ones!

Ok Acres Shetlands said...

I simply adore the hen at the end of your blog. What a beauty.