Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hi my name is Jerry, and I am a chickenholic

I have Splash Silkies 1 roo and 6 hens, Ameraucanas 1 roo, 6 hens, 3 three month old pullets and 11 month old chicks, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes 1 roo, 5 hens and 20 6-8 week old chicks, 2 black production hens and four 8 week old pullets.....So let's see I have 60 .....and I bought some more?

Yup, I bought some Old English Bantams. OE are small about the size of a crow with out the long legs. They are very tame they will eat grain or corn bread out of my hand. I bought two color varieties-  Brassy Backs 2 roos and 3 hens and Brown Reds 1 roo and 3 hens..and let's not forget I have my incubator It will hold 20 large eggs or 35-40 small bantam eggs.  Hmmm..where can I add more growing pens..........If I stack more of the sheep and goat hay in the garage........ I can add another 6' x 12' pen and still have about 150 bales in the barn.......

Introducing the newest additions
Brassy Backs
Brassy back "Pretty Boy"

Brassy back "Babette"
 Brown Red " Rhett"
Brown Red " Scarlett"

Oh,  proof they eat out of my hand.....piece of corn bread half gone...
They arrive Wednesday by USPS Express mail from Georgia....hence some got "Gone with the Wind" names. I am very pleased with them. They are great representative of the breed, they have excellent Old English Bantam type, small in statute, short backs, full fan large tails, brilliant shiny feathers (I didn't enhance the pics - posted them just as they were taken) All that and ready and willing to be hand pets.....ah just like the rest, ewes that almost crawl into my lap, does that are gentle and easy to milk.
A slice of heaven right here


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Terri D. said...

Thanks for the enjoyable post, Jerry! I don't have chickens yet, but hope to someday... :-)