Thursday, December 30, 2010

Farm Sign Redo

Our farm got its name when we were staking out for the house, garage and barn. We were working on a scraped off corn field! My mom pointed out that we had three massive oaks on the back edge of our "new" yard. Our new farmstead was christened "Fletcher Three Oaks" For many years, the purchased sign had a hand painted massive Boer Goat buck as its feature. Last December the goats were sold and Shetlands took their place. We tried to free hand paint a Shetland ewe- its harder than you think. Not satisfied with the results, I searched through our pictures and the internet. I found a beautiful ewe that looks like ours..disclaimer...the ewe pictured is not our ewe but a good representative of the breed. We made an 8 x 10 and had it laminated. The sign will once again be put in its bracket on the post. Proclaiming we have Shetlands! 


Terri D. said...

Nice sign, Jerry. Have a wonderful New Year! Give Nugget an extra treat from me okay?

Jerry said...

Terri Tonight I had ginger cookies. Nugget came up for hers! Nugget is good sized and very tame