Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beautiful Days!

We have 6 inches of snow- several storms missed us and these last two days have been beautiful days to remodel the barn. I made the chicken pen wider. I put Plexiglas over the mesh on the door, so when the sheep door is open the chickens don't get a cold draft. With air intakes the coop stays fresh. Happy hens - More eggs!
 The hens and roo are roosting in their expanded coop. Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and some Ameraucanas Just Wyandottes by Spring!

I added two hutches 4 foot off the floor. Each is 2 ft x 2ft x 4 ft long, For a broody hen to hatch and rear chicks or house younger pullets. The hutches currently housing my Old English bantams
 Under the hutches I tucked away the nests. The hens like to think they are hiding when they lay.

Yesterday I gave away some hens and a roo. I took down their chicken pen. Now the sheep have more room. I plan on keeping a few really nice 2011 ewe lambs to add to my flock. Counting the days.....88 days to lambs and goat kids!  I took an after dark picture tonight of the area given to the sheep...a window to the south, a window and  a skylight panel on the east wall (the white square on the left is the hen pen) Lots of sunshine coming in.

Today I paced myself and slowly cleaned the barn. I like it all is fresh and clean. 
Of course Miss Poppy (oatmeal musket fleeced coming 2 yr old ewe) was there --or in the way-- every step of the way. Her new name is "Go on! Poppy"  By Spring she may not come to just "Poppy".
Poppy last summer........
Till later

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