Wednesday, December 15, 2010

C card

In July Paula started a part-time job at a women's clothing store, BonJos. She really enjoys her job. Some days are very busy, others are slower. This past summer, Paula traveled to Southern Idaho. Idaho is beautiful with a great climate. She reunited with her cousins after 38 years!
 In September, I was unsatisfied with my health. I tired easy and wasn't enjoying myself-- stayed home most days. I decided to change my doctor and my diet. I have added fresh goat milk, pureed green vegetables and herbal supplements. I stopped most of my medications. A new me emerged. I no longer require a mid day nap. My voice is stronger and louder. My muscle mass is returning and I am more active.  I have sheep, dairy milk goats, Old English bantams and chickens-- I try to keep busy- in moderation.
We continue to have our granddaughter Nessie quite often. She just had her 7th birthday. Nessie is a sweetheart. Wakes with a smile and is pleasant all day. She is very caring, good natured and quick. She can read very well and some of her insights are quite remarkable. Of course we are thrilled to be part of her life.
Daughter Jess and her husband Dave. Jess is a rural mail carrier and Dave is home for Afghanistan. They will be moving to New Mexico where Dave will be starting Security school to be a Border Patrol Agent. We are very close and we will miss them but Dave has to take advantage of this rare opportunity. After 12 months old training, Dave and Jess will be stationed on the Southern border for 6 months on the job training. They are hoping his permanent post will be the Montana border. Jess is ready to go where there is no snow and cold. While Dave is at school, Jess and her Big dog "Tonka" -  a Mastiff- will keep each other company.
Son Darren is working at a local auto repair putting his mechanic skills to good use. He is the "good son", always ready to help us. He can handle this old German with soft spoken diplomacy. A visit from Darren is always interesting. He researches on the net and we have the best conversations.

Son Derek and Bek came home and were married in May 2009. November 2009, they returned to Australia enjoying the warmth and being close to her family as Bek is the oldest of six. Bek works in a Music shop and Derek is awaiting his work permit approval--- a process that takes 12-15 months to complete. We miss them. Derek and Bek call often.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the photos and family news; it's always interesting to see and learn about our blogpals! Have a wonderful Christmas, Jerry!