Monday, November 29, 2010

We are doing a bit of house updating

We watch HGTV, "Curb Appeal", "Holmes on Homes", "House Hunters". So we have been gathering ideas for years, Telling ourselves No we can't afford it right now.....recently I thought what are we waiting for? So I said now we are going to do this. Today our carpenter installed a new storm door. He is meticulous--like he working on his own home-- how refreshing! The old door was flimsy, would fly open during a strong wind. At last it hung crooked with day light showing all around. I said a lot of people come to our door and that's all the further they go, and to see that trashy door! The new door is heavy thick double insulated. [If I knew had known that's all it would have cost to replace a storm door~ I would have done it a few years back---gheez.] Its cottage panels match the side windows of the picture window next to it, its quarter panels match the entry way door.  Now that's curb appeal.  Yes the deck settled a bit on the left next Spring my son and I will level it.
The next project is pine car siding on one side of  the center wall that runs the length of house in the four main rooms. So when you walk in you will see it. (see pics) It will be installed on a diagonal in varying lengths. 

The kitchen's linoleum is worn...a few rocks popping through, afew too many knives have been dropped. This last year the kitchen floor speaks to us-- in squeaks and squawks.....the carpenter will add more screws to the sub floor. The computer room, family room and front living room carpets are worn and the many seams show (too many seams in my estimation) All will get hardwood floors. Samples coming....We were surprised to learn that laminate and real wood is priced about the same! We will choose a real hardwood - narrow old fashioned oak with a heavy duty prefinished  sheen, nailed down piece by piece. We both love our farmstead and its location...we're just settling in for the next 20-30 years.
More later

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