Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Before the end of the year and the first few days of the New Year, winter had largely missed us. Six inches of snow and no winds, we were marveling an our easy winter. Friends further south were not fairing so well. Then we got dumped with snow, high winds, drifting snow. Our Interstate from Alexandria (5 miles from our farm) to Fargo ND was closed for 60 plus hours. That's 100 miles of Interstate. Truckers waited it out in truck stops and wayside rests. A nearby fiend wrote on 12-31-10:
"What a day we had yesterday. Started with a freezing rain warning, added a freezing fog warning, then a winter storm alert and now a full fledged BLIZZARD WARNING!!! The temp this morning was 34 degrees and the bottom is dropping out like a rock. Snow was coming down sideways instead of falling down. Could barely see out the windows at all." 

Today its 15* below zero, the sun is shining and the hoar frost is twinkling. This begrudged Minnesotan has to say from inside the house it looks pretty!

Let's see 27 days, 28 days, 31 days  86 days is the First of April so there is hope. Warm days and a barn full of lambs and kids.......can't wait!
Then before long,  the above picture will once again look like this!

 Till later

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Heather Woollove said...

I just love your 'snuggling birds'
Stay warm (it's pretty cold, here, in Philly this weekend, too!)