Friday, November 12, 2010

First hatch next Wednesday

Twenty eggs from my Ameraucanas are set to hatch of Nov 17th   Sunday is day 18-that day  is 'lock down" - stop turning the incubator..position it on level...and don't open it till the hatch is complete
The bator has octagonal shaped ends........there's level, one turn left  then 8 hours later one turn right....amazing  No opening of the incubator to manually turn the eggs, which cools down the whole batch.
We'll see how it hatches, talking to others on a chicken forum say The Brinsea oce20 its a great little incubator. My silkie hen Muffin hatches out 3 of my Ameraucana eggs...NOw the chicks are 10 weeks old- all three are pullets and two are blue! A gold/blue and a brick red/blue. The third is the color of Flash2's mother. Impatiently waiting to see how many eggs hatch and how many blue chicks I get from my blue roo Flash2.
Did you know-- that as an egg hatched the membrane shrinks, air sac gets larger, a chick develops from the egg white, turning the egg keeps the developing chick from sticking to the shell membrane, on day 19-20 the chick's beak is positioned in the air sac ( that's how you can hear them pip before they break out) Day before the chick hatches it draws the yolk inside itself, that's how chicks survive the first three days. That's how hatcheries can ship newborn chicks.
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