Thursday, November 25, 2010

Something to consider

I wrote this the other day to share with family...please excuse some words, they were needed to be on point

A man leaned against the store wall, glaring at others going in the store. He was 200 pounds of pure hate. A stony glint of his eyes revealed his hard life. His wife came out of the store and he gave her a cold stare. (bitch he thought) She glared back at him.....(ass hole) They walked several feet apart as they trudged to their car. As he drove away, he started yelling at his wife, he nearly hit a couple coming out of the store.........
.......The other couple didn't notice the near miss....they were laughing at something the other had said. 
This man's step was light for a 200# man. The sparkle in his eyes revealed his caring attitude. He smiled at his wife as he clasped her hand (still the gal he married) She smiled back at him (prince) They casually walked to their car. Before they drove away they just sat there awhile, talking
Your life is a choice.....

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