Friday, November 26, 2010

Ode to Poppy

Hi I am Poppy:  I am not the ewe in command around here but I do have the first spot at the bunk.....right by the gate. Most of the time the tall man closed the gate with a black tarp strap. So I wait for my chance. I tested it, dang! is strapped shut....I will keep trying as you never know......Here he comes with an arm load of hay, he just came through the gate.....he did stop to strap it?, he's busy putting the hay in the's my chance, I will give the gate a little push....(happy dance) its opening......freedom- freedom....well I am still in the barn...but let's see,,,,,hey the grain pail....sniff...nose inside...drat its empty....I have watched the tall man before, the rest of the grain is in a tall garage can with a snap on lid....nah the hay stacked to the ceiling looks just like the hay he just carried in.......say what's in this bag....smells kinda funny,, I will taste it, icky icky now its on my tongue  spit spit.....Last time I tasted it, the tall man yelled "Poppy! out of the cat food!" I don't know how the cats can eat that stuff...ish! Ghee its not so interesting out here  I guess I will go back in..oh no the gate swung I am struck and the tall man will know I am out......and he calls, "Poppy you should know better."  He opens the gate and I walk through with  a privileged gait,,,,,as I was out..if only for a few minutes........I will keep trying the gate, one of these times he has to leave a bit of grain in the pail, don't ya think?
Tall man

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