Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Introducing my 3rd Doe "Bubbles"

Bubbles is an American Alpine from the same breeder as my Shilo and Anna. Bubbles being a bit younger is bottom of the pecking order. She is dry but I give her a bit of grain on the milk stand before I milk Anna and Shilo. Bubbles has not had it easy the last year. Sold as a two year old to inexperienced goat herdsmen, she didn't get enough groceries. She kidded last Spring milked heavy but due to lack of good feed and management, by County Fair time she was dry. So I bought her from the 2nd owners as a bit of a rescue. The breeder told me Bubbles has a great background, good udder and is a heavy milker.
Bubbles will be 3 come Spring. She is very tame, friendly and when called she comes running (I think she likes it here!) 


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