Friday, April 16, 2010

What is that? Dirt................No..... let me look closer.........

When Tundra was born I thought, oh he has some dirt on his knee....being born outside,just licked off and a bit damp. Well today I was showing off the twins.....I picked up Tundra --much to ma Bella's dismay, he has spots on each ear, a big spot on the side of his knee, down on his foot and a spot on his tail!!  His fleece is extra fine and has a bit longer fleece with super crimp.  The ram search may be over, whites are said to have softer fleece and he has SPOTS! I will see how he grows. So Gail you are right his sister carries the spot gene. So his full name is Dakota Tundra (for the ND dirt that blows in winter, dirting the snow)

A buyer just left I sold the last of my crossbred sheep. I have 4 Shetland ewes, Shadow with Shade, Bella with Tulla/Tundra. Lily due real soon and Maybeline due in a month. My 4 ewes with lambs will wander my big pasture till mid July when the other 8 Shetland ewes come home.

I love our normal and early Spring........we have been having winter till end of April....first days of May
so this is great weather. With the 2 1/2 inch rain you can watch the garden grow...foot tall lilies and the trees are opening their leaves,,,,and  I just had my first wood tick! so they are out early too.

Till later



Michelle said...

Ticks - that is one thing I DON'T miss about living in Minnesota!

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Cute lamb, Jerry!
You are so fortunate to have had that good rain. We didn't get very much here. But we've had ticks out for WEEKS! Ugh.

Gail V said...

I had one like that last year, too, Jerry-- Bluebell had a daughter, Ivy, who had two little black spots on a knee, like your little ram's, and under her tail. Ivy has nice crimpy fleece too-- but I sold her, I wasn't ready to part with Bluebell yet.

Garrett808 said...

Hi Jerry. It could be spotting but my guess is that its just something called 'phaeomelonin'. All of my white lambs have this, and even some of my BFLs. They are all still registered as whites.

I could be very wrong however and it could just be one huge white spot on that lamb, in which case it would be a flecket. True test would be to mate it to something not spotted. If any lambs were solid white, you would know its not spotting, but indeed a white.

roundaboutacres said...

Oh, the lambs are sweet Jerry! Bella had a single ram the last two years - I just knew she would have twins this year! She and RA Baab have great fiber so these lambs should make you happy! Congrats! I can't wait to see Lily's lamb(s).