Monday, April 26, 2010

Afternoon Baby Check

Now that Ivy is all clean and completely dry, she has drizzles of white across her back. She is more beige pink Michelle, I agree its the modifier phaeomelanin. She is very cute. Her brother Ivan..nosed the grain pan this morning before I took pictures.......his sugar lips was grain dust. This afternoon his lips are true black, so he should be solid black. Both lambs have fleece that has more length than the other lambs and is really crimped.......Ivan has horn buttons showing...about the size of dimes and erupting....big horns coming.

So four lambs from Terri's  ram Baah, Tulla is moorit with the gray gene, Tundra is white with brown spots,  Ivy has phaeomelanin gene and Ivan is solid black. I got a lot of modifiers and colors from my first 4 Shetland lambs.........that just heightens my excitement.  Years back in my commercial flock I  had Finn/Dorset, Dorset, Montadale, Romanov, Romanov/Dorset, Corriedale, NC Cheviot/Finn ewes, oh even a loud Sufflock ewe (she didn't stay long as she was loud and liked to climb --yes climb-- the fence). Hand down the Shetland wins! I am a staunch believer in the breed. They eat very little, are so tame and amiable, the cutest lambs and are trouble free hustlers. To me its the only breed to have!

Till later

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