Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ode to the Shetland

This morning I went out to do chores. I watched my Shetland ewes eating. I like my short stout Shetlands, they eat very little, lamb easy and raise their lambs well. Beautiful fleeces, easy to handle, calm and docile. I have what I have wanted since I saw my first Shetland 25 yrs ago. Back then no one had them,,,a few flocks on the West or East coast. So I farmed and milked Jerseys. Sold the herd, the farm and worked 5 yrs at the West Central Experiment Station in dairy research.Then back to college....I digress...I have want I have always wanted a nice flock of  Shetland ewes. So why mess with that?  
I had thought I needed to cross them with a bigger breed, BFL, Border Leceister, Clun Forest, NC Cheviot
to name a few.  So I have been struggling what to cross on them and I have come to the conclusion  don't cross them  Stay with a good thing and get a nice Shetland ram. I will have 12 Shetland ewes in need of a good ram.
We got 2 inches of rain on Monday night, and some rain early this morning. Its greening up nicely...
pasture soon
Till Later

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