Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A beautiful Afternoon.....72, sun and a nice breeze

I am still doing baby watch This is Maybeline a 5 yr old due mid May........she is getting huge. She is the one that started the Shetland fever. I won her over with treats, now she comes up for a chin scratch. Lily and Bella have full udders  just holding out....... Shadow is a great mom to Shade.
Shade is three weeks old today, he is a good sized already, being a single he gets all the milk he needs. He gets right in there and eats pellets with the ewes. He is turning Agouti gray....just image a gray/"blue" fleece, white legs  and bandit eyes. His fleece is very crimped....tight little curls right now. He could be a good ram for more crimp in the next generation........maybe my Shetland ram is right there in the barn. Shade likes to have is back scratched...yes don't make a pet of your ram I know, but he is my only lamb right now!

There is 4 acres of green grass and all 8 hens decided that on this little circle of grass they will all stand and peck, its on the best!
Fancy Pants Flash showing the hens what he found.

Another quiet day


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