Monday, April 26, 2010

Babies! Lily had twins

The neighbors heard coyotes the other night, so I put the flock in the barnyard with some good hay. The pasture isn't ready anyway, and this early the grass is mostly water.  The second reason for the barnyard was Lily's ligaments had dropped last night so I knew she was close.
Lily must have lambed very early morning as the lambs were still damp. Both are good sized and have this is much easier than boer goats or commercial sheep. My ewes lamb, no big deal and get right to giving their lambs good attention and mothering, but hey you already know that!
I put them in a big maternity pen. I scooped up the lambs, checked what I got and put them in. Lily was fussing at the side of the pen, I grabbed her and shoved her in. I gave her some grain to calm her down. Lily is a protective mom, a double stomper----- so pictures were a bit of a trick. Ivan is solid black-black but he has sugar lips. Ivy is a light fawn color. Readers--- help me figure out her pattern- 4 white legs and tummy, head is mostly white and white on top of her head.  Terri's white ram "Baah" has some modifiers and color hidden under his white, as I sure got some colorful lambs.
So my flock has grown--and I was going to keep it small. Both ewe lambs are gorgeous and have to stay, as do ewes Lily, Bella and Maybeline. And more Shetland ewes arrive in barn runneth over!
Till later



Michelle said...

Your white lamb may just have heavy phaeomelanin, rather than a pattern. Figuring it out can be tricky sometimes!

roundaboutacres said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! You will be able to tell more as they grow. I am so happy for you!