Sunday, April 25, 2010


Bleeding Heart
Rain!  We are getting much needed rain. The pasture, lawn and flowers are really growing.
We had rain all day yesterday and overnight. Spring is in full swing. Our growing area is a "4"
so I have to stay with traditional perennials and flowering bushes.  One year we had fabulous new
white rose trees. I removed the dying blooms and both bloomed all summer........but they did not survive the winter.  Flowers that grow wonderfully in Rochester...where we lived for not survive I do my best to have a variety of color given my perimeters.

Lily is still holding out.....soon she will be a full heat period after Bella. Next fall it will be nice to have breeding dates for the ewes.

The flock is on hay, grain and walks the pasture. One thing we noticed, they will go out and graze in the rain and at night. Our commercial flock would bed down for the night, and they seldom grazed in the rain.
Ah the strength of the Shetland

Till I have more news


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry - Bella went 146 days. I never did see Lily get bred. She played coy with Baab for quite a while so I'm not surprised she hasn't had those lambs yet.