Friday, April 23, 2010

A New member of my flock

Introducing Einstein. I had made arrangements for a ram lamb, then this ram became available. I was impressed by his conformation. Einstein has a wide stance, strength, length and of good size.
Yes he is horned but his horns are well formed and away from his face. He is a bit shy but not wild. He is mild mannered, he is with the ewes with lambs -- I only have the 4 ewes- and he doesn't bother them. I watched him closely the week old twins come scurrying past and he just stands there. Color? My good friend Gail did further research,  Einsten is Light Grey Yuglet, born 4-07 a triplet,  bred by Bluff Country.   Handsome Einstein has the agouti gray and will be a colorful lamb crop next year.

Lily still hasn't lambed but her udder is quite full.........the more affectionate she becomes the closer I watch her.......she shouldn't be too far behind Bella

Tulla's fleece has already started to turn color from the agouti gene. Her brown looks very dusty
and so early  She may end up with oatmeal colored fleece.

My barn yard as no shade other than in the barn, so I turned the flock out onto the pasture. I think the 5 acres will stay ahead of them. They are getting a bit of grain and their hay. The pasture offers shade and a chance to catch a breeze if they like.

Till later



roundaboutacres said...

He's a very nice looking ram! IMHO, I would be very careful and wouldn't trust him with the ewes and lambs. You also have to deal with always watching your back when you are in their pen.

Becky Utecht said...

Yes, he's registered as a yuglet, but from the photo his eye patches are not distinct enough for a true yuglet. Yuglet eye patches should be completely surrounded by white and separate from the other colored areas on the face. You can see examples of yuglet sheep on the NASSA website, But he definitely carries spots so you'll have fun at lambing next year and probably get some yuglet lambs.

Nancy K. said...

WOW! Einstein is gorgeous!
His mama had triplets again this morning! She always stamps that solid, superb conformation on her lambs. You'll get lots of splash from Einstein if you breed him to spotted or spot carrying ewes. Most of Alice's sons have thrown HST lambs.