Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wet and Gloomy

All it seems to do is rain! We had a clear day and it was so humid, we stayed inside. AC is great!
The sheep are doing well. Bella's twins are monsters!Yes they are pure Shetland. The pasture is lush and they are hand fed a bit of grain AM and PM. And mom Bella is a great milker and large herself. May is putting everything into milk. Her twins are gaining fast.

The June grass in my pasture went to seed. With the wind and rain the seed shelled out.  All the moisture the June grass didn't go dormant but is sending out new growth. There will be plenty of pasture till late fall.

Till Later


Michelle said...

Sounds like everything is working together to support your expanding flock to the fullest! That's great!

Gail V said...

I appreciate your comments about grasses seeding out and pasture-- I don't know these cycles yet.
I do know the sheep all have little grass seeds all over their heads from grazing, lately!