Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marooned!! And new perspective

My wife Paula is visiting her cousins in Idaho for a week, So I am baching it. I do OK,,,,,house is still clean!  Last night I send out some emails, watched a tv show, came back to check my email. The monitor wouldn't come out of sleep mode--just a black screen. So I shut down and restarted....still no screen.
I called our son Darren--computer whiz--- he stopped by. He checked out everything and said he thought it was the monitor. He would take it home and check it.  He called later that evening, monitor is shot!
Last night, after Darren took the monitor home, I would catch myself walked over to check my email.....I felt marooned. You can take away my postal service but not my email. (and yes my daughter works for the USPS-- so relax everyone) This morning Darren took me to town and we got a new monitor, so I am back!

My! how far we have come. Computers to surf the net and get emails. Don't know about something look it up--the world at our finger tips.  A cell phone in our pocket so we always have it handy. I remember back when I was a kid. We lived on a farm and had "party line" service. Three people on one line.......three short rings Its for us! Neighbors could eavesdrop on our conversations.

I was raised on a farm. A strong German extended family. We were careful with our money. Last winter my mom told me put our own kids actions in perspective. My parents were married at 18 and 19. I was born 9 months after the wedding. They had nothing. Worked hard for the security and property they have. Mom told me that in 1956, I was a year old,,,,,,,,,,remember they had nothing, they bought a brand new car!! I was dumbfounded- really,,,my conservative mom. 1956 Chevy Belaire, mom said with a smile Linden green and crocus yellow. I said you did?? Mom said "yes, two kids with a baby without a pot to___ in nor a window to throw it out of...but we have a new car. I know both of our parents were shocked." To me it seems so out of character. So everything time our three adult kids do something we wouldn't do or do a different way........ I say remember my mom's first new car!  I browse around the internet last winter and found it. Here is what my parent's first car---brand new!  looked like

Till later

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Gail V said...

It's a beauty! Great story, Jerry. Great perspective.