Saturday, June 12, 2010

Way to go May!!

This morning I fed the sheep a bit of grain.....where's May? Now I have open the pen gate and in she comes. But not today. I walk out the barn door and there they were! May had two strapping lambs, they show their sire a Border Leicester/Icelandic cross. I had a dilemma if May has a nice ewe lamb it will be late in the season, keep it or ship it. Well problem solved both are ram lambs. Lambs were cleaned up but damp and nursing. I put May and family in a maternity pen for a few days. May has a gorgeous udder, held high, large and very milky
Proud momma and her babes
I decided to take pictures of my older lambs Tundra and Tulla. Today they are two months old
They are huge and have gorgeous fleece, soft, good staple and crimp and lots of it.

Maybe my search for a ram lamb has ended, he's right in my barn! Tundra is White covering HST, Ag, moorit and modified.  He is blocky with great length, width, depth and presence.
Well finally some lamb new, May kept me in suspense for weeks!
Till later


Anonymous said...

Jerry - Congrats on the lambs! And Tulla and Tundra are GORGEOUS!

(Please resend the email to me the genetics history which you sent several weeks ago. It got lost amongst others. Sorry!)

Becky Utecht said...

I'm so glad that Mabeline's delivery went well and you've got a couple ram lambs for market. It looks like she's got plenty of grazing at your place too.