Monday, June 14, 2010

A Sliver of Sunshine!

With all this gloomy weather, everyone wants to see the Sun! Last night the sun broke out as it was
beginning to set. It cast a blaze of light that hit the grass and trees in an explosion of green. My pastures are high- over grown- PC word is "stockpiled" for late use. My ram Einstein is Big, and one spot all you can see is a few inches of his back! Bella her twins-- Tundra and Tulla, May and her new twins can't keep up. But in a few weeks we travel to good friend Gail  for some excellent ewes. My mini flock will grow and there will be plenty of grazing.

I have been reading your Blogs, reading every site I can find on color/pattern genetics and wool type/fineness. I am still a student but I am learning. Gail has been very patient with me, explaining Shetland color. 

In February, Garrett was a gracious host. He patiently caught the ewes I was interested in and I took a pictures. He explained their breeding and performance. He explained his feeding methods. I reserved six younger ewes for July pickup after weaning. It was a great visit. 
Patience is a virtue I have difficulty embracing--I am trying -- but it eludes me. So I am excitedly waiting till the rest of the ewes are here. Once they are settled in, expect lots of flock pictures

Look again at the pasture. Six years ago it was prickly ash brush and thistles. Using no chemicals, my goats to browse it for 5 years, it turned into a park. They stripped the ash and the next Spring I could easily pull out the dead small root. Slowly I have cut the thistles with a small scythe. A secret passed down 4 generations of farming-- Best time to cut is right after a rain or right before a rain. The cut thistle stem can't tolerate water entering it and the plant dies. So the goats cleared the brush, meat goats do not like grass, so the grass formed a nice sod. The last year of the goats, they would wander the pasture in search of browse. Last winter I sold my Reg. Boer goat herd to a new breeder. Now I am acquiring a select few Shetland ewes (no papers- just doing my own thing) for a small flock to enjoy.

Till Later

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