Friday, June 18, 2010

Lost, wandering, afraid and very hungry!

Three days ago, our son Darren stopped by at noon to visit and we made pancakes. As he is walking up from the garage, out of the flowers comes a friendly, rub on his pant leg kitten! Not ours. All we have is a tan Siamese half wild cat( a kitten that was taming down and then momma cat moved her to the woods) Back to the new kitten. She is black/brown with faint pale orange mixed in. Darren brought her in. We fed her, played with her and I took to the barn. At chores time she was there for more food. She has make a nest for herself in the lamb creep. Just darling. Our Granddaughter Nessie has named her "Midnight"  We love cats. so a drop off is fine.  But what if we had been gone for a few days, the poor thing would have starved and been very lost. Too nice a kitten to abandon along the road to the elements........she had to wander her way 200 feet to our garage. So here is Midnight........not real big but a survivor and full of life
Yesterday we got wind and rain. A tornado was sighted 6 miles north of us, no damage. Two tornadoes hit the small town of Almora - 30 miles north of us.......several homes destroyed and an elderly couple escaped their collapsed home and took refuge in a road ditch. When found the  wife was dead and the husband died on the way to the hospital. Another tornado hit Wadena 40 miles to the north.......wiped out a few farmsteads, destroyed homes and damaged the high school.
(shudder) 'nough of that.
I will leave you with something inspiring. Taken by a friend standing on the Washington coast looking out at the isles of the Pungent Sound.

Till later


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Michelle said...

Heard about the tornadoes from Garrett at Black Sheep Gathering since he was getting calls from friends and family. We used to live near Perham and I worked for awhile in Wadena; hard to imagine tornadoes doing that kind of damage there!