Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Views/ Randon Thoughts

We have our house sits on a 100 yr old rock pile--yes a very big rock pile. The construction crew started to dig for frost piers......solid rock. So we are on a rise and get good views in every direction. Since there is no new lamb/sheep news to report, I decided to take pictures out our windows. In summer it like we live in a tree house--green everywhere you look.  We are asked why on a hill? As you have to climb up a inclined sidewalk. When visitors get inside they remark "oh wow!" that's why we are up here. The views.  As I age and get less mobile--hopefully years from now!  I will have great views and remember out the back windows I can see my flock grazing. Being retired/disabled,  time is a have to keep the right mix of enough to do--but not over do--- too much free time and boredom can creep in. Why do you think I blog most days? its a way to communicate to you all  and keep my sanity! All the pullets I raised to sell have been sold. Buyers paid $8/for a 2 month old layer pullet! My old hens are spoken for, they leaving mid July. By then my 8 Americana pullets will be laying. I kept four younger pullets 2 Black production pullets and 2 home hatched Americanas.  Enough for the coop
As I get everything to my liking, barn setup works well, garden weeds are under control, bushes and trees are 6 years old and don't require watering, I have 200 bales of 2009 hay- enough for next I am all set and have less projects/remodeling/planting to do. I like to stay active so I have to get real inventive with projects and time use.

Patience is not a virtue I fully posses--with the rest of my Shetland ewes not arriving till mid July.....I grow ansty to have them home no adventures planned till then.

Till Later

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