Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where's Ivy?

At morning feeding, the ewes and lambs came up to eat. Where is Ivy, the fawm spotted ewe lamb? Her dam Lily's udder did look really full. Oh no! I carefully and slowly walked the whole pasture. The 5 acres has Small hills, valleys, many rock, brush and  hidden spots. As I am walking I am thinking, please let her be "parked" somewhere. Lily was parking her twins early on- like fawns. However, Ivan the twin ram lamb was up with the flock. Coyotes are about, but knock on wood, they have never come this far. I walk on, surprising how many rocks look like a lost lamb. I end up back at the barn. No lamb. Hawk or eagle? I stood there mourning a bit, then thought I'll look in that stack of 2 ft x 8 ft plywood pieces leaning up against the fence, There laying comfortably was Ivy! Her look was 'Hey what's the big deal?'  Ah Angels were about--- this morning's gift
Till later
Here is this morning's precious pictures,
Tulla Ag moorit                      Found! Fawn spotted Ivy            Tundra(ram)Brown w/big white spot


Kathy said...

I was so glad you found the Lost Sheep, Jerry. I don't think there's a one of us who hasn't had that panicky, sick feeling in the pit of the stomach when one of our lambs (or other sheep) is missing. Although our place is very small, we have coyote, bear, lion, eagles and hawk here as well so I'm always looking around, worried, if a lamb hides out.
And the photos say alot - you've got some really nice lambs there. Good onya! :)

Anonymous said...

Those lambs look like they will have nice fleece, Jerry! Pretty flower pics, too.