Friday, May 7, 2010

Lambs are really growing! And snow!

Its been raining for two days, we needed the rain. Today its super green outside. I have watered everything 4 times this year, our gravely soil has little water retention. And I like all our planting to be lush. The tree leaves have really popped. This year the flowers and shrubs are very large. We lost three 6 year old Tamarisk bushes, beautiful but not hardy in our growing zone 4, ah sometimes our weather acts like zone 3. Tamarisks are gorgeous. The new growth is pink and looks like its "blooming" I banked them each fall. Near the barn so water was close by. Here is one of them in its better years. 
The sheep grazed for part of the day. My pasture is native grass. They have access to hay in the barn. I am giving grain to my nursing ewes. Each is nursing twins and that is a drain on their systems. I know on the Shetland Islands its grass based, but their lambing percentage is not 200%. I believe in giving my stock the best chance to be successful and strong. Most of my ewes are "oversized" for the breed standard but I like them bigger. The lambs are really growing Tulla and Tundra are chunks. Bella feeds them well.  Both Tulla and Tundra have ultra fine fleece with lots of crimp and it appears will have a heavy fleece.

Ivy and her brother Ivan are following close behind. At 9 days old, they are 11 days younger and at this stage that's a big difference. Ivy remains fawn with dabs and drizzles of white all over. Ivan is pure black, time will tell if he is non fading black or starts to change--several modifiers afoot in all four lambs. 
The barn is clean, nothing worse than taking inside pictures- which are never as good as outside on green grass and sunshine. The backgrounds show every bit of dirty straw and rub marks on the white walls. 
The flock is doing well, they continue to impress. The next 'big event' is Maybeline lambing. Her udder has a long way to go, her belly moves so there is lambs in there. Looks like one on each side. She should lamb by the end of May? Sire is a Icelandic/Romanov cross. White lambs or colored surprises? 
At this very moment- I looked out the back picture window- the flock is out grazing- and we are getting small SNOW flakes 
Oy! what next?
Till later

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