Saturday, May 8, 2010

The sun is out and the flock is on the green

Maybeline is a very easy keeper. So she tends to be rounder than most. But she is the ewe that took me into Shetlands. She is 5/6 years old. When she came she was leery of this friendly shepherd, I was assured by the previous owner that she would come around. I started giving her bits of sugar cones........and I won she over. Now I will turn around and there is May waiting to have her chin scratched, she stands there and wags her tail. Yes when I heard 'and they will wag their tails', I thought ya sure.  But they do! In today's picture she is very pregnant and the udder is filling ever so slightly. Matriarch that she is, she is quiet and none assuming. At this point no bullies.
When the rest of the Shetland ewes arrive, I am going to sit on a pail, have a pocketful of animal crackers and use May as the friendly defector. By her example others will tame down.
Good to see the sun again. The dreary and cool temps made it all gloomy. Hey I am a sun lover.
Till later,  Jerry

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