Sunday, May 30, 2010

The First Rose of Summer

Since May is still holding out,  I don't have any new lamb pics. Today its flowers. As I walked out to do chores, I was greeted by the first rose of summer. The picture of my purple cream ruffled iris also caught the first rose. The rose is a hardy shrub rose with double magenta blossoms. I have 2 and both are loaded with buds.

 Last night my Miss Kim lilacs hadn't opened. This  morning they are in full blaze. With the old fashioned lilacs, the fragrances are wonderful. Throw in the spice scent of the blooming creeping dianthus, there is no better place to be. The year I really slow down, ha, when is that? I am putting a bench on the edge of the garden,s o I can sit and take it all in.

My struggling Carnival Weigala.......our winters are so cold. has made a valiant return. It did well for two years, then I moved it, so its my own fault, now in its second year in the new spot it is loaded with blossoms. It appears that its choked by daisies and lilies but it is clear all the way around. Trying to give the survivor--there were 2-- a fighting chance. 
Bella's lambs continue to grow at a remarkable rate. Just look at Tulla's stance, bone, wide frame and well crimped fleece, I know I am biased but I think she is gorgeous! I have creep where Tulla and Tundra can eat a bit of grain in peace. If Tulla continues to grow well, she may be bred this fall to a purchased promising ram lamb- yet to be determined. (you know who you are)
Till later  

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roundaboutacres said...

Bella has a nice wide frame and so does the sire Baab, so I am not surprised that Tulla is looking good. She is very pretty!