Monday, May 10, 2010

View from my favorite chair

The picture is not the best quality-taken through the window panes. Its my view from my chair. I can watch my sheep graze and the lambs play. You see I can handle my gardening, sheep and chicken chores, but my doctors say I must often take rest breaks. So my recliner is positioned so I can watch tv, see across the house and to the front door and look out the picture window. We positioned our home so we have great views, we figure as we age we will spend more time its go to look out and see.
  The second picture is fall color out the same window.  My three ewes will all take an animal cracker out of my hand. Yes, I am making pets or pests out of them, but that's why I have them.
I am counting the weeks until the rest of my purchased/reserved ewes wean their lambs and come home.
Till later,

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Gail V said...

I liked hearing about the views out your windows and how you spend your time. And how much you like your sheep, of course.