Monday, May 17, 2010

Bright and Lush!

With all the rain, my native pasture is lush and green. It lay untouched till I fenced, centuries of growing hardy native grasses. With careful grazing it stays green and growing all summer. Great combo nice native grass and my hardy 'native' Shetlands. The few I have do not leave a mark where they have grazed. So there will be plenty of grass when the rest of ewes arrive. A point of interest, our house is built on an old rock pile on an engineered slab so we do not have a basement. We have a bird's eye view, to the north our pasture and 2 miles of native woods, not a house in sight. Across the highway is still farm field and a large pond. The farmland has been platted into three 6 acre house lots-----for 10 years, but the owners are just biding their time.
So our only neighbor, is throw the woods, good friends---they raise Icelandic sheep.
I wish I could send fragrance along with pictures. My flowering crab is in full bloom and smells wonderful. Sorry for the dark picture, by this time of day the oak trees cast long shadows.
The crab is 6 years old and doing well. (there were three....) I have a trunk strapped to a steel fence post. Our strong west winds had the tree leaning back.  Our lilacs are starting to open, hydrangeas are in bud. I am waiting for the day lily/iris and Asiatic lily explosion...  
Till later

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