Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Full of joy and wonder

My divorce is almost done. I have my 5 acre slice of heaven. My sheep, bantams and chickens. A son and a daughter, each with a great spouse--so another daughter and son.. 3 charming grand kids. Large extended family, close friends-- hey my cousins who are like good friends or siblings. I am blessed

 I want everyone to know I am not bitter, angry, upset, hurt, full of pity, frustrated, lonely or lost
I am hopefully, happy and have the time of my life. I will always be a sentimental soul with a love of Walt Disney endings, babies, kids and farm critters. I have  a strong sense of family, responsibility, a duty to do the right thing, to try my damnedest until its evident its hopeless. I am big softy really with old school ethics and morals. But I am German so I can get really mad, motivated and can plan to the ninth degree. I like to stay busy. I like to be around people. I like to plant and watch it all grow.  At times I think maybe I was born a generation or two later than I should have been.  But its all good.
She may take all his money
He may be a naive idiot
But he will always be hopeful
Therefore he will always be happy
Yup that's me

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