Saturday, June 18, 2011

New better "keeper" pictures taken this evening

Lollipop twin 3/26/11  by Butte and Polly
Gem twin 3/27/11  Butte and Nugget

 Lollipop and Gem each had a twin sister that I sold. Early on Gem and Lolli would always be together I thought they were sisters till I read their ear tags [ they were tagged in the maternity pens, so no mistakes]

Luv Me granddaughter's pet ram  (yes I know but he is handsome) 3/27/11  Butte and LRO Yarrow
His top line is good I had just done this to show his gorgeous fleece So its ruffled on the top Such fiber length in a 80 day old lamb!

 And my house warming bottle baby Lil' Orphan Annie  pure Icelandic, badger faced marked and her sire carries spots>>>Its very hard to take her picture as I am 'mom' She is growing like a weed.......loves the sheep pellets the lambs get twice a day

I am going to end with a picture of my Blue Knight Iris blossom.....its huge...pictured with my hand to prove it!

 Till later


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Hi Jerry,
I put up some current photos of Sextant that I thought you might like.

He's looking really nice!

Jerry said...

Yes Sabrina I saw Sextant's new pictures Thanks for posting them He is quite a looker!