Monday, May 23, 2011

I have sold my Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

BLRWs  are beautiful birds, stunning feathering........but they eat like small horses......are fair layers. Seven months old pullets just starting to lay........other breeds start at 5 months. Like I said pretty to look at......With the recent life changing event....hey all for the better!...I won't keep something that doesn't do its job.

So not a chicken or banty on the place. I have had chickens/bantams for 50 years, since I was 6! So I scouted around. I have two pair of Wheaten Ameraucana bantams - 2 months old coming Express mail from Ohio.  Bearded, gray blue legs and they will lay sky blue eggs!  Bantams for the sure fun of it. Hey isn't that what its all about. [the other day I called my mom and jokingly said "is it possible to be having too much fun? We decided there is no such thing as 'too much fun'!]

They have their juvenile feathering right now...........the roo
The pullet
By fall they will look like their parents

I looked at the price of Miracle Grow..when did that get so high priced! to it was "composted sheep manure"is nice white bags.. Say! I have 5 yr old composted sheep manure behind the barn.....It looks like black dirt now, so I mulched my flowers.....fertilizing and choking out the same step~We have had lots of rain and my perennial flower bed is a virtual jungle  Just the way I like it! I have a theory:  Corn forms a shade canopy to retard weed growth........Thickly planted perennials can do the same thing.

Tonight my daughter is taking me on a mini sheep run----(only getting a couple ewes) But that a story for another post!

Doin' great on my own


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