Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tonight I fired up the incubator!

I put in 21 blue eggs from my Blue Golden Ameraucanas. Hatch will be July 7-8 when my granddaughter Nessie is here...She loves to watch the chicks hatch. I will take pictures so you can see the first chips of the chick breaking out....wet chick , a fluffy dry stay tuned

I have 4 lambs that I am keeping. When you run a petting zoo flock.....quality sure but they have to be tame!
Nessie's ram lamb "Luv Me" is huge, with good horns, modified moorit with fine long single coated I need a 3rd ram,,,,no but its Nessie's  Yes I know there will come a day when he is rammy and will have to go.
Lollipop is a daughter of Poppy. Poppy is Ag and a cream color. Lollipop is turning a light musket beneath her moorit. It would be neat if she kept her light collar, but when her fleece is done it will probably be all the same tone.

Gem is a daughter of Nugget a dark musket ewe. Gem is big and wide. Always the first one to stop in front of me to be noticed. She will stay a dark almost black moorit. Her head is not light- its a dirt spot on my camera lens....hey that happens in the barn..

 Counting the days till my new flock additions arrive from Sabrina and Gail.......



Gail V said...

Jerry, Is Nugget's ewe lamb really musket, or is she moorit? She looks dark in the photo.

Lollipop is a fun name for Poppy's little cutie pie.
I'm workin' on taming your Finn cross lambs-- grabbed 'em up and petted them. Their mom didn't like us for 8 months, and now is as calm and affectionate as can be.

Gail V said...

Oh sorry, skip my question about Gem. I re-read your words and now understand what you were saying.