Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flash 2 is back! And NEW Sheep coming!

My good friend and neighbor brought back Flash2 and 4 of his wives. I have them in a coop. The deal is I collect and hatch a batch of chicks in my incubator...and keep the Ameraucanas........Flash 2 is so handsome he is blue with gold, brick red, blue laced breast feathers.......and a gentle and calm rooster. His wives are a white hen, two brown red hens and one of his daughters.......a brick red hen with random feathers of blue and a blue tail. The color experiment continues.  They are true to type and all lay sky blue eggs.....

I have sold most of my lambs, keeping two March ewe modified morrit and the other is Ag moorit. I have a black badgerface Icelandic ewe lamb--- a house warming gift-- a bottle lamb!  Adding through the summer will be three ewes from Sabrina Erickson Pics courtesy of Boston lake Farms

"Sian" a black ewe,

"Leil" a Ag black dau of Sian

a yearling fawn katmoget "LRO January"  and January's son black katmoget "Sextant".  Then Gail Von Bargen's  1/2 Finn 1/2 Shetland black HST ewe lambs caught my eye....What beauties! Pics courtesy of Little Red Oak Farms

they will be coming at weaning along with their maternal grandmother LRO Snap.  All tame friendly ewes...
See I decided not to keep barn with a pitch fork and wheelbarrow next winter.....Cleaning by hand is hard work.........and that is after shoveling a path through the snow to the manure pile.....I have been keep my flock very very I have decided to hire someone with a skid loader to clean the barn come Spring. So "expanding" from 7 to 14 ewes is not such a leap.
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Gail V said...

Wow, hiring a skid loader to clean house, I mean, barn! What a great idea.
I should ask my neighbor, Jeremy, what he would charge me.

Sell the sheep compost that results, Jerry. My craigslist ad generated more hits than I could supply, at $5 a feedsack worth.