Friday, May 13, 2011

Individual Keeper lamb pics

This morning I took pictures of the 4 Shetland ewe lambs and a ram lamb that are staying!All tame and the Cream of the Crop! Dense fine singled coated fleece. First thank goodness I have them ear tagged and have a small flock....the four moorit ewe lambs look alike...  
Miss Polly's twin ewe lambs Petunia  and Pansy (both moorit w/Ag)
Miss Nugget's twins  Gem (mooritw/Ag ) and Jewel (moorit/modified )
Yarrow's show stopper ram lamb   "Luv Me"  (named by my G'd dau Nessie)  
He is big broad and carries an excellent lamb of leg  Color.....Yarrow is moorit/Ag  sire Butte is
modified moorit.........darker body with a lighter head??  Modified moorit?
Enjoying my flock!  Visitors get the opportunity to feed the ewes activity enjoyed by young ..... and the not so young. Embrace the kid inside you!

Till later


Gail V said...

Cool lambs, Jerry
When you say Miss Polly's ewe lambs Pansy n Petunia, are you speaking of (my name) Poppy? The bottle lamb pet?

And Yarrow's son is a good lookin' boy, and I think you are right, modified brown.
Nice that you got a solid in that batch of muskets, just so he can pass the solid gene on.

Jerry said...

Yes Gail Miss Polly is the Polly from you. She thinks she is special so I put Miss in front of her name! Gorgeous lambs this year.....Tinkerbelle ram lamb "Butte" was husky and he sure passed it on. The lambs got his excelletn single coated fleece as well. Yarrow
s ram lamb "Luv Me" has good horns growing away from his head. He will sire great lambs this fall. Thanks for sharing your awesome Shetlands with me.