Thursday, May 12, 2011

Around the farmstead

The lambs are about 6 weeks ago, They are gorgeous. I had a call for lambs,,,,,,,,so I decided to keep Poppy's twin ewe lambs and Nugget's twin ewe lambs.......all have the Ag gene so their moorit fleece is starting to change. Must keep Nessie's "Luv Me"  its hers, the first tame lamb He picked her the first day Nessie was here, So Luv Me stays.....Luv Me is an outstanding ram lamb for Yarrow. This year all the lambs are tame,,thanks to my efforts to have every lamb calm and pettable for my granddaughter. The Icelandic bottle lambs are unusual colored and 6 ewes, 5 ewe lambs 2 ram lambs
that's enough for me!
Four keeper ewe lambs moorits all with sugar muzzles   (5th lamb with sunlight on it head a ram)

I grew up with a security light on the farm. Three days ago, I had one installed, Now I can walk in the light to the barn for the bottle lambs 10PM feeding...they are growing well.
I have poor eye sight, bright light sun or worse sun on snow My son-in-law suggested tinting my house window, I did and what a difference! Subdued light,,,,,home was cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The tinted product cut 75% of the heat/cold conduction through the window glass. My home stays 70 degrees when its 89 outside  Now i can watch my sheep out the back picture window without risking sore eyes. Added bonus the windows are like mirrored sunglasses I can stand by the window and see who is walking up the walk. Living alone, now I can choose to answer the door or with the door locked pretend I am not home.

Perennial garden is really coming on. Starting to mulch/fertile the beds with composted sheep manure. 
I am on sand so I need all the water retention...and less weeding I can get!

After my wife leaving, my estranged son called me. We had a great conversation. We both apologized for the past. My soon-to-to-be ex wife confessed to having driven him away. I last saw Ryan at his wedding 3 1/2 years ago. He is happily married to a great gal, They have two sons 22 month and 9 months. So on Mother's Day at my mom's,  they came for a visit. We had a great time for 4 hours As if we have met every Sunday....know notice of the 3 /12 yr gap. I have cute grandsons! Ryan's wife Anna is a planner.......they are coming to see me Father's Day -with all 3 kids---my granddaughter Nessie is Ryan's daughter. a 4th of July picnic here.....they are coming to the family reunion end of July..Anna has Nessie b'day planned for Dec 4th and The Fletcher Christmas is Christmas eve at 4PM at my mom's  Ryan and family, my dau Jess and husband Dave, my mom and myself. A cozy Fletcher Christmas.  My dau Jess confessed they were staying away because they didn't like my second wife. Came to see me when they knew she was gone. They are now here often.....they live 5 miles away.

Life is great! I reconciled with my sister, my only whole immediate family is back together I have been truly blessed. I laugh and smile all the time now

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Michelle said...

Oh, how wonderful to hear of all the relationships mending and bringing you joy and company! I am not a fan of divorce, having been a child victim of a nasty one, but it truly is the best thing to happen in some circumstances and it sounds like it was the best thing to happen in your life.