Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My First House warming Gift

My good  ah great friends  Lloyd and Carolyn live right through the wood about 500 ft. I bought the 5 acres from them in 2003.5 acres..4 acres of rolling hills and Oak trees the sheep love it and one flat acre with an approach. Hired someone to scrape off the flat acre-- it had corn on it . North is wildlife acres.....nearest housing development is 3 miles north neither I or L&C  see it!  I have a double wide home on a rise I have great views. I had my barn and garage placed where they should be.

Some three days ago, after we discussed my need for an occasional baby sitter, they brought over two Icelandic bottle babies.  The first two days they were in the house. Day 3 I moved them out to a small pen in the barn. Out of the drafts. Easier than clean a dog kennel!
Little Orphan Annie  4 days old  She was the first of twins, mama wandered off to have #2 and then rejected Annie is a Black Badgerface with variegated face. What  doll!
Tristan and his brother were premies.....young mama ran off  Carolyn nursed him to health
He is 11 days old, half the size of Annie but very strong and better with the bottle. His first 4 days he couldn't walk. The best we can figure he is expressing the Phaeomelanin factor. Very soft single coated fleece Yes he is still weak on his pasterns but  I have all summer.....
  Here they are together
For all who have expressed concern. I have long time friends 500 ft away. My daughter and son-in-law live 5 miles away. My aunt and uncle and cousins are farmers and live 5-10 miles away I am surrounded with good family.  My mom and sister both retired and willing drivers too- they live 45 miles away. A county bus service "Rainbow Rider" will pick me up at my door take me to Alex Walmart for $8 round trip, even help me with my groceries into the house! Tomorrow I scheduled my first ride. Today I called a Lawn care Service for mowing. I can do the trimming/edging. I was mowing it..took me two hours, poor eyesight, driving the rider slow, and for 2 days my PEG feeding tube site would hurt. My soon-to-be ex- wife never went outside to do any work and didn't have a job either. I did everything outside myself and for myself in the house. Less hassle and I only have to worry about me.  I am old school. when the lawn care guy came...I didn't know what the estimate would be to mow my lawn He said kinda a big lawn......$35 yes $35 a time. A new lawn mower $1000 and $4 gas  I can paid to have it mowed for Years. No hassle getting gas, I can retire my old 14 yr old riding mower with the slipping transmission. I said do I need to sign a contract? He just smiled and gave me his business card and wrote $35 on it. We shook on it.  I have it so I call and giving them two days---  When I want it mowed (old school I didn't want it where they came every time it was 2 inches high)  Sandy soil if we get a normal rainfall by end of July the lawn will go dormant. A nice 30 something young man A trusted long time business.
Intelligent, a bit naive, but I am catching up fast.

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