Saturday, October 29, 2011

A country boy in town

My new-to-me home has a garden shed......renamed the mini barn. It will house my pair of Lilac Angora rabbits and 2 pair of Old German Owl pigeons. Small animal hobbies to keep me active and  to keep the cobwebs out of my head. My roses love the manure.
Old German owls are very tame and gentle. They are good parents. Their colors are crisp and distinct. I had a large flock years ago. Now a small flock for the fun of watching them. Oh I have 2 lawn chairs that will be in the barn so my granddaughter Nessie and I can sit down to pet rabbits, hold pigeons or just sit and watch them.
Yellow hen

Silver check hen
Red cock
Red check cock

I will keep my Blog just with a new twist-- pigeons, rabbits, shrubs and flowers.
** Definitely the wrong time of year for bunnies, but Bonnie is due shortly after my move. Not counting on a successful litter due to the chilly temps and the move, but Bonnie is an experienced mom so we will see**

"If you are in trouble and are smiling, you have someone in mind to blame"

Till later


Tombstone Livestock said...

Sorry you had to downsize but you have found new critters to fill your time, way to go. Enjoy your mini barn.

Michelle said...

Weren't you going to keep some silkie hens? Did that change?

Jerry said...

Oh the 6 silkie hens are coming with. All are Nessie's and my pets.
3 are blue partridge, a splash blue, a black red and a buff hen named "Rusty" They are 6 months old and I think they are all hens time will time. It is said of Silkies, you're not quite sure till they lay an egg or crow!"