Wednesday, October 5, 2011

French Angora Rabbits!!

Gorgeous fall day to go rabbit shopping. My neighbor helped me pick out four excellent Angoras for breeding. I am going to clip the fanastic wool - use it or sell it. And raise bunnies of course.  All very tame and easy to handle. First one is a 3 month old Blue Tort doe. Played with by the seller's grandkids, so she very kid friendly, she will be my granddau Nessie's bunny  Nessie can name her

A Lilac Buck "Spiderman"  he was taken to the seller's book promotion, so is very calm  Born Summer 2010

A chocolate doe "Glenda" Born last year. Proven doe- raises a nice litter.
Yes Glenda needs a clean up clip..she has some matted wool

A lilac doe "Bonnie"  Born last year. Proven doe - she raised a nice sized litter this year.

My neighbor wasn't even going to bring a cage but she did.  She bought a Blue buck ad 2 white does.........oh and she has a Pearl buck (siamese look) at home.
Many years to trading bucks back and forth ahead.

My Ameraucana flock  18 pullets all blue with a pattern/other color,  blue/golden, splash, solid blue, blue red laced.......and two roosters........

14 junior silkies  Look like mostly hens

Gorgeous fall, a winter to relax and patiently wait for Spring........Spring lambs, chicks Bunnies, flower are back   Wow!

May all your troubles be mislaid, may joy rain down upon you


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