Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Painting Project!

Two weeks ago, I painted  my dark stained deck/front step with Legends Oil based Enamel The dark satin was someone else's idea.  I gave it a second coat...not as fun as you don't see a dramatic change. On the floor of my deck I painted it with Tread Tek in the paint for a non-skid surface. Ghee my deck looked so nice.........faded green shutters looked awful. Today I painted my shutters white too.....
Wow what a difference.

I cleaned out the garage........where does all this junk come from.....whoops I am the only one here! Tomorrow afternoon my daughter is taking me and my pickup to the land fill.
I moved Iris clumps from under the huge chokecherry tree too much shade, so they will fair better.....so my front garden will be full. I got 12 pink-n-white Tulip bulbs.....I have avoided them as they don't last long, but they do get early color after the long winter.
Tomorrow morning.....neighbors are taking me to the Rabbit Lady.........French Angoras. We put up a run of 4 rabbit cages up in the barn. Icelandic wool, Angora wool.......going to try my hand at washing, drum carding, spinning and maybe a loom.......don't guarantee results........but we'll see

On a personal note at 56 well almost 57  I have my farm to myself. The divorce is final!  Over the summer I have become a patient man (never thought that would happen) I am working on inner peace. Today in WalMart I discovered the art of strolling----not shuffling of the feet, but a slow gait..back straight.shoulders square..taking it all in, at the same time I felt more confident. This afternoon I looked at my house with its white shutters...I can did!......given lots of time and patience........I have a renewed sense of confidence......strong self worth.....ah so this is what inner peace feels like..... Cool


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Gail V said...

One word, Jerry: Fabulous!