Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Planning for Spring!!

 My last fall's BLRW chicks.......

I plan to set 24 eggs on the 29th, when our 7 yr old granddaughter Nessie is here. And she'll be back 3 weeks later for a 4 day weekend when Grampa will have BLRW chicks hatching!
  Born to struggling teen parents, we have Nessie 60% of the time until she started school. My eldest son is troubled and estranged, but we have a great friendship with the mommy. I took Nessie out to the barn in her baby carrier....she grew to loves the sheep, goats and chickens. Now we are blessed to have her every third weekend or more. Weeks at a time in summer. Hey its the only one we will probably have,,,,,,sweet, caring, well behaved- For the first time at 18 months, she stood hanging onto my pant leg whining as I cooked,  I looked down and said "Grampa doesn't like that"..she stopped and has never done it since. Always in a good mood- she wakes up smiling every morning. A real joy, a very quick study, with insight beyond her years.......yes indulged but not spoiled.
Grandpa Jerry


John Gray said...

nicely written post!

Garrett808 said...

i would LOVE some of those BLRW hens for layers if you decide to part with 2-4 of them!