Monday, January 10, 2011

Chicken subtraction

I have decided to reduce my chicken numbers,,,,,,,,doesn't sound fun>>> but it is refreshing. My Blue Laced Red Wyandottes--in my opinion-- are the most beautiful of all the breeds. Working on that premise, I am selling all the others. On Thursday we are meeting a 4-H family in St. Cloud. They bought all my Old English bantams and 3 Silkie pullets. It  fun to get youngsters started in bantam keeping. Later when my younger BLRW are ready to lay,  I am selling my Easter Egger hens and youngsters.  The Less is More- theory. I will have only BLRW- 12 hens and my roo "Beach Boy". I did keep a few Silkies as they are the best broody hens--- my roo Big Boy, Muffin and 2 pullets.

Now this is what I am talking about!!  7 month old   Beach Boy in his glory 

I find I can get more enjoyment out of 16-20 chickens, more individual pampering than I can with 60,,and its Easier! My two dairy does get alot of attention.....having a goat herd of 20 would ruin the fun....Sheep  I find 8 ewes to be about the right number. Their pen is easy to clean.....each day is treat day....try giving treats to a mob of 30 or more........So keeper ewe lambs will have to be selected carefully.......adding 2-3 more is OK  If I save a bunch of ewe lambs, then some older ewe will have to go---but I am close to my ewes and want to keep them.....Ah there lies the dilemma.......


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