Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Hatch!

I got 16 chicks out of 20 eggs, an exciting hatch. The chicks are Vvry colorful and lively. So I have 29 chicks three days old and 12 chicks that are three weeks old. I will raise them till I can tell color and gender. Carolyn my good friend and neighbor will get half or more of the chicks- pullets and cockerels. I will keep the ones with blue plumage. Winter over about 12-15 pullets and 2 cocks......Flash2 and Blue Boy.  Goal is blue/blue red/ blue golden Ameraucanas laying sky blue eggs.......the battle to keep my mind and body in motion.
My doctor said he likes that I stay as active as my health will allow me.  Remaining active will keep me healthier longer. Best excuse I know to over do it on occasion! So I stay busy with the chickens, sheep and my flower garden. I have lived here 8 years. Finally found a shade tree! A mighty oak just inside the pasture fence. I moved the fence north 16 feet. A bit more yard to mow (I have a lawn service that mow my lawn for $35/time--I just can't do it anymore)  and a shade tree. I put up a tire swing for my granddaughter, planted a few shrubs and set out the lawn chairs.  Now I sit in the shade and breeze....taking it all in.  Living alone is satisfying and I am enjoying myself. The stress is gone, and I am having way too much fun! I can't see well enough to drive (its been 8 years of no driver's license) so I take a county bus service.....Rainbow Rider to town. $8 for a round trip.......clinic appts, WalMart ect.  My cousin and his wife pick me up for Bingo on Sunday afternoons.  With family, I have seen a play, been to the Circus,  tour of St John's Abbey and rummage sales to fill up my empty house.  Fishing with Lloyd and Carolyn. Like I said I am having lots of fun.  Live is good....I have been told living well is the best revenge, I can vouch for that!

Till Later

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Michelle said...

I'm thrilled you are getting your revenge in such wonderful ways, Jerry!